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Make being retired look easy.

Feel connected to your financial situation and live with peace of mind knowing you're center stage of every financial decision.
Above the Clouds

Advice is better without an agenda.  You need a fiduciary not motivated by commission or bonuses to act in your best interest.

Centerpiece is fee only no commissions, no bonuses, no one time fees for service.

We're a Fiduciary held to the standard of doing what is in the client's best interest.

The advice you receive is holistic. with cash flow, taxes, portfolio, and estate planning all under one roof.

Partner with Centerpiece to ensure you have the knowledge, experience, and resources to overcome the primary concerns of today's financially independent!

"Outstanding. This is the first financial management firm with which I have worked that actually does what I think a financial management firm should do."

-Rich DeParis

Centerpiece Client

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The most successful wealth builders have mastered the climb, But what about the descent?

The majority of retirees or independently wealthy focused all of their efforts on accumulation.  Enjoying the fruits of your labor, and leaving a legacy presents a different set of obstacles.

You've learned that every dollar counts and compounding over time is powerful.  You didn't get where you are by being complacent about accumulating wealth.

We provide you with peace of mind by combining taxes, estate planning, and portfolio management together into one cohesive strategy tailor fit to you.  We make it easy to be financially independent.


Stop dreading every April 15th guessing what your tax situation will be.  Centerpiece does the tax planning and tax filing for you.


No more cookie cutter portfolio advice.  We structure each account with the investment vehicles that make the most sense for you.


Rest easy knowing your documents are in order, and that you only paid for legal advice that fit your needs.

Affiliations and Certifications

How to structure investment income to minimize taxes

You no longer have to work to sustain a fun and healthy lifestyle.  You may say retired.  We call this financially independent, and there are huge benefits in structuring your income stream in a way that minimizes your taxes.

  • Educate your self on the full spectrum of the income tax regime.

  • Learn how to structure your investments with a focus on after tax yield.

  • Be the investor that understands how the income tax regime is structured and how it affects you.

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