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The centerpiece advantage

Our clients are accustomed to a minimum of one strategy call per quarter, one financial plan review per year, and “opportunity” calls between meetings that can happen anytime the market presents opportunities.  Our philosophy is clients who are informed and in touch will stay disciplined, which bolsters their investment strategy.


Centerpiece has no bucketed strategies and no two portfolios that look identical.  A generic approach often leaves clients with expensive tax implications, trades that don't correlate to client needs, and clients understand very little of why trades are made on their behalf.  We are a non-discretionary money manager, meaning we cannot implement trades without client approval.


fee only

Centerpiece receives no commissions, no kickbacks, and no referral fees from anything or anyone we recommend.  Our advisors are not paid commissions or bonuses, this is unique.  The most common models for incentives in the financial services industry are to pay the advisors bonuses, commissions, or both.   Commissions and bonuses can incentivize behavior we don’t agree with at Centerpiece.

OUr clientele

Centerpeice has clients all over the country from various walks of life.  Although they may not all be in the same state, they all have a lot in common.  Our clients have all leveraged their discipline to save money, hunger for success, and opportunities created from their hard work to become financially independent.  Our firm has set the minimum investment at $1M in order to maximize the resources we provide for clients, and never compromise on the exceptional quality of relationship and advice our clients deserve.


Our Team


Beau Pollard

Beau Joined with his partner Jason Baer to found Centerpiece Wealth Advisor LLC and specializes in complex financial planning for high net worth families.  Beau worked as a VP Financial Consultant for Charles Schwab, prior to founding Centerpiece. He managed a book of over 300 households valued at nearly half a billion dollars, and worked with some of Schwab's wealthiest households.  Beau holds a bachelor’s in science and has obtained the Certified Financial Planner™ designation (CFP®) as well as being a Certified Wealth Strategist™.

Jason Baer

Jason joined with his partner Beau Pollard to found Centerpiece Wealth Advisor LLC, and has more than a decade of experience in comprehensive wealth management.  His specialty and primary role in the firm is customized and tailored portfolio management that matches the financial plan of the families at Centerpiece Wealth Advisor LLC.  Prior to his partnership at Centerpiece, Jason was a senior Portfolio Manager for Charles Schwab Private Client, and managed a book of roughly 200 clients valued at over $350 million dollars.  Jason holds a business degree and has obtained the Certified Financial Planner™ designation (CFP®) as well as being a Certified Wealth Strategist™.


Our Location

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Centerpiece Wealth Advisor, LLC

115 Wilcox St., Suite 220 

Castle Rock, CO 80104

For any inquiries, please call or email us:

Beau Pollard CFP® 

Office Line │ (720) 409-4176

Jason Baer CFP® 

Office Line │ (720) 409-4177

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