Investment Management

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Tailored Strategy

Every client we serve has a portfolio that is as unique as they are. We don't use "standardized strategies" that you have to conform to, and we don't "block" trade across all of our client's accounts uniformly. Together, we will design an investment strategy that supports your financial plan, and that is aligned with your financial capacity for risk and emotional willingness for volatility. We will show you various paths, how they impact your financial plan, and what to expect from risk and return. You will have the clarity you need to make confident investment decisions.

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Customized Implementation

We customize the implementation of your strategy. We can build your portfolio using individual stocks, individual bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, options, or any mix of these tools. We will align your portfolio with your values, allocating to companies and sectors you want to support, and avoiding others that you don't. We will be mindful of taxes - we pay attention to capital gains, harvest tax losses where it makes sense, and implement your strategy in a tax efficient manner. And we will design your portfolio to meet your cash flow needs. 

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Proactive Management

Keys to successful long-term investing include discipline, patience, and staying invested. We continuously monitor your portfolio by establishing a target risk score, a target allocation, and guardrails. When your portfolio moves out of those guardrails, or when we see opportunities, we will rebalance your portfolio. We will share the changes we make, why we made them, and answer any questions you have. This disciplined process helps manage risk in your portfolio and keep you on track to meeting your financial goals.

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