Our Fees

We Are Fee-Only


We are a fee-only fiduciary advisor. We don't sell products, charge commissions, or receive bonuses for anything. Our advice is objective and motivated by what is in your best interest. We bill quarterly and in arrears. In our experience, we find that we deliver the most value for clients that have $750,000 or more in investable assets. 

Tiered Structure

Our fee is calculated based on your assets under our management. Many advisors charge a blended rate. Meaning, as your assets increase, you are still charged a higher rate for the first dollars. We don't. Our fee structure is simple. As your assets increase and you move into higher tiers, we charge the same rate on all of your assets under our management. This is the only fee you pay us.

Operating costs

In addition to the fee you pay an advisor, you also need to be aware of other costs, such as the internal operating costs of your mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, commissions embedded in funds, and trading costs. Regarding internal operating costs, we pay attention to those and select funds with lower expense ratios. As institutional investors, we can access institutional share classes that generally have lower expense ratios than traditional retail share classes. Regarding commissions, we don't charge those or use funds that do. And regarding trading costs, we pay those. Not you.

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