Our Process

We strive to create an enduring impact that is profoundly positive in the lives of the people we serve by building authentic relationships and earning the right to be their trusted advisor.

  • Introduction

    The first step is a 20-30 minute call where we get to know each other and determine if our expertise matches your needs. We’ll want to explore what is top of mind for you and understand what you would like to take away from meeting with us

  • Discovery

    The purpose of this meeting is to dive deeper by learning more about you - your priorities, concerns, vision, and values. Together, we start crafting your personalized roadmap to managing your wealth by identifying your goals, understanding your current financial position and targeting specific planning areas of focus that are the most important to you. Along the way, we will share our philosophy, services, and answer all your questions

  • Strategy

    The purpose of this meeting is to review your financial roadmap and demonstrate how we can partner together to improve your financial wellbeing. Building upon our Discovery meeting, we will share an enhanced roadmap that contains our assessment of your current financial position and provides guidance on key focus areas that will help you achieve your vision.  We want you to feel the impact of partnering with us

  • Recap

    The purpose of this meeting is to recap everything we have accomplished so far. We know there will be a lot of information for you to review, so we want to give you time and also provide the opportunity for follow-up questions. At this stage, we will determine if you are ready to move forward partnering with us. If you need a moment, not worries. There is no rush, no "high-pressure" sales. We understand that this is an important decision and we want you to feel great about it

  • Partnering Together

    We are thrilled and grateful to serve you! Now we have the opportunity to finalize strategy, implement ideas, and help you achieve your vision. The first step is to complete your new client engagement paperwork. Then, we will collect and review important planning documents such as tax returns, wills, trusts, insurance policies, etc… all the important nuts and bolts to your financial roadmap. We will open investment accounts with our custodian, Fidelity, where we manage and monitor your investments. Lastly, we will discuss what our years to come entail. We will serve you through regularly scheduled meetings, proactive outreaches, and ongoing planning. We like to connect with our clients at least quarterly, but will meet as many times as needed.