Financial Planning

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Collaborative Meetings

We work with you to build, monitor, and continuously adjust your financial plan. We agree on the inputs and assumptions and ensure you have the clarity you need to feel confident in the outcomes. We will proactively model scenarios that are top of mind for you, or that have a meaningful impact on your financial plan. Scenarios can include: when can you retire, how much can you spend, buying a new home or vacation home, Roth conversions, etc...

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Comprehensive Planning

Your plan can be as broad or focused as it needs to be. If it's important to you, we can likely plan for and model it. Your plan may include analysis on: cash flow projections, net worth accumulation, retirement distribution planning, social security optimization, various investment strategies, tax projections, insurance needs, education planning, buying and selling real estate, long-term care planning, estate planning strategies and estate distributions.

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Cash-flow Based Projections

Generally, there are two types of planning methods:

1) Goals-based

2) Cash-flow based.

With cash-flow based planning, we track every dollar - every dollar earned, saved, invested and spent. This method provides better insights and allows us to identify more opportunities.

Let's Build Your Roadmap

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