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   Nearly every financial decison has a tax consequence.

Investors like you face an incredibly complex and robust tax system, and nearly every financial decision you make has a tax consequence.  We take that tax problem and work with you to create a solution.  Centerpiece partners with you to create tax-efficient cash flow strategies and investment strategies.

We help our clients navigate the following taxes:

Federal income taxes
State income taxes
Capital gains taxes
Gift and Estate taxes
Generation-skipping taxes
Above the Clouds
You need to be proactive to avoid paying more than your fair share in taxes.  We can help with that!

Asset Location

Various account types are taxed differently.  The same is true for the various investments you can hold to generate income.  Which asset you hold in which account could mean significant tax savings.

Income Diversity

There are multiple tax treatments for the various ways you can receive income from investments.  Income diversity matched with asset location gives you the best chance to pay only your fair share in taxes.

Tax Diversification

The opportunity to convert accounts taxed as ordinary income, like traditional IRA's into Roth IRA's, can lower taxes during your lifetime and increase the transfer of wealth to the next generation.