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Portfolio management isn't one size fits all!

 There is no one size fits all path to financial independence.  So why would there be a one size fits all approach to how you manage the growth and income of your nest egg?

Markets do not just set it and forget it!  The shifts in economies that move the needle from one sector to the next require a watchful eye.  Centerpiece believes you can improve the growth and income of your portfolio through proactive management.

We can coordinate your taxes, cash flow, and portfolio together with a tailored financial plan.  This provides us with a benchmark for the rate of return you need, not just one compared to an arbitrary index.

Partner with Centerpiece in the way that is most comfortable for you.  Your portfolio is an important piece of maintaining your lifestyle and peace of mind.

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Be Confident | Be informed | Be disciplined

Your portfolio is the result of years of hard work and sound decisions.  The ability to retire or choose when and how you want to work didn't just happen by accident.  

Investors need to be informed and feel connected to the decisions being made in their portfolios.  We understand this at Centerpiece and structure quarterly personal meetings with your portfolio manager to keep you informed.

We know the more connected our investors are, the more confident and disciplined they will be.